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For All, Forgiveness

Matthew 6:14

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Lana (Beck) MacKay
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Hi, my name is Lana.


I was born in Michigan, but grew up on Kodiak Island, Alaska. When I was 15, we left the island and moved to Washington State. I graduated from Reardan High School in Reardan, Washington, in 1982. I still live in Eastern Washington and I love it here. I was a medical transcriptionist, but became disabled in 1998, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I have been feeling better (2012), so I'm hoping it's gone. I have a lot of hobbies, depending on the time of year. I watch birds in my backyard year around. Because I started watching birds, I started gardening. I think it's good for me, though, as being outside and gardening at a reasonable pace is good for my spirit and soul and I think that makes me feel better physically, too. I enjoy research – reading the paper, magazines (writing, birds, backyard, cooking), the Bible, and for recreational reading I enjoy reading mystery fiction and true crime.


I have dreams of becoming a published writer, someday, and I've recently (again, because of the birds) developed an interest in photography. What it will take to bring these dreams to reality, I do not know. :)

I'm a "free-will" thinker. I believe that having a relationship with the Lord is something that is a two-way street, so He gives us free will to make the relationship genuine because He loves us, and He wants us to willingly love Him back. He wants us to know Him completely, and not some counterfeit meant to deceive. I think the key to a mature life in Christ is learning to trust Him completely. Everything hinges on that. Loving Him is trusting Him enough to obey Him. This isn't something I've mastered, by any means.


If you don't know Jesus, and you want to, just ask Him into your heart right now. Confess your sins. Profess that He is Lord of your life. Once you have accepted Jesus the Christ as your Lord and Savior, get baptized as soon as you can to make a public profession of your faith. Your relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship you'll ever have. People will always let you down, but God never will. The Lord wants us to try to get along, anyway, and be forgiving, just like He forgave us when He sent His Son to die on the cross.

Psalms 68:5
A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, Is God in His holy habitation.

Single moms are dear to my heart because I know firsthand what that’s like. I was a single mom for 10 years, and remarried in 2004. While I was single, I know I benefited greatly because I attended church and people came along side me and brought me around to a healthy relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through those people, God showed me that I matter to Him and He loves me and cares about my situation. I want to show other single moms that love that Jesus wants them to know. With divorce such a huge part of the way things are now, many men, women, and children need this ministry and my hope and prayer is that churches all over will come along side them and minister to their wounded hearts.

I do have an LJ Feed called lkmackay for my blogger account.
I put a lot of my faith-based thoughts there.

I have two children, Brad and Tristen...

My son Bradley is a Junior in college at Washington State University, where he majors in Mechanical Engineering. His freshman year of high school, he was nominated to the National Young Leaders State Conference, which he attended. Less than 1% are honored. He loves hunting, fishing, dirtbike riding, Seahawks, and Jesus the Christ. He's an A student - played football, baseball (two years in a row his teammates have voted him the Gold Glove award), and played chess for years. Brad's helpful and kind and I'm blessed to have him as my son.

Tristen is going into the tenth grade and good student. A gifted musician ~ a pianist/singer/loves playing music. She qualified for state chess several times. She enjoys fashion and may become a designer someday, but recently, at a church camp she was possibly called to be a worship leader. She will probably go to Washington State University and major in Music. Tristen has a lively spirit and I'm blessed to be her mother.

I maintain backyard_birds,
a photo/story community for bird l♥vers
from all over the world. We help each other
identify and give birding tips, as well as
share our bird photos and stories.


These are Evening Grosbeaks, a favorite of mine.
The parents brought their baby to our yard to feed it,
teaching it what is available in many backyards.

SPECIAL NOTE: It has been increasingly troublesome for me to keep track of who made what icons. If you find that I am using one of YOUR icons and I haven't given you credit, please, let me know in message and I will add your name (if it is a non-offensive handle) to the credits. Thank you.

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